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Server Rules

We all hate rule’s  but they are there for a reason so let’s get them out the way!


  1. Primary language is English, what you do in a private channel is up to you but please don’t be offended if your asked to speak english in a public channel or move/be moved to a private one.
  2. No channel hijacking. If you see a game channel in use join a secondary one (i.e LOL Room 2 instead of 1) if there’s non available pick a generic one or message an admin and we will create one for you.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO MIC SPAMMING. We all love a bit of Arnie or Rick Astley but our server’s are not the venue for it, all instances always result in a ban.
  4. NO ADVERTISING! We run these servers as a not for profit basis so why should you make a profit from our servers?  All instances always result in a permanent ban.
  5. No attempts to disrupt the services are permitted, this includes hacking, DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) or exploit’s any such attempts will be a) logged b) banned at the server firewall c) submitted to the relevant authorities.
  6. All support requests are to be submitted through the correct channel’s. When an admin is online they will be able to service basic requests, anything more complex or when an admin isn’t online is to be submitted via the Helpdesk.
  7. NO begging for server admin or channel admin. All requests result in a kick, persistent begging results in a ban.
  8. Avatar uploads are supported. NO pornographic images are permitted, if you receive a request to change/remove the image please comply as breech’s result in a kick/ban.
  9. Default usernames i.e TeamspeakUser or usernames intended to mimic other’s in the server are not permitted, a request will be made in the first instance to change it all others will result in further action.
  10. Anti social behaviour is not permitted this includes abusive messages and or abusive/racist usernames.
  11. Recording’s are only permitted in private channel’s with all users consent any reports this is being done without consent will result in action taken to remove you from the server.
  12. The advertisement of other service’s is not permitted this includes web hosting, voice communication services etc.

This is not an exhaustive list but it does cover the basic’s if you do have any question’s feel free to submit a ticket to our helpdesk

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