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Hello and welcome to Free-ts.net the home of free voip communications!

Here at Free-TS we aim to provide users a place to communicate with other gamer’s both within there own clan’s and guild’s and other gamer’s from around the world without the hassle of setting up a server and paying for slots, bandwidth and having to learn how to manage and secure a server.


Who are we?

We are gamer’s who have spent many years playing a variety of games from mmo’s and mmorpg’s to first person shooters, if you can think of a game we have a channel for it!

We all know what it’s like to play your favorite game, if it be Counter Strike, World of Warcraft or World of Tanks on your own in pug’s (random groups or “pick up groups”) with no communication and disorganized chaos often failing to down a boss or spend a fortune on the repair of your favorite tank after the other team rolled through you, which is why we decided to look into what voice communications services. Not only that but being able to talk with other like minded people can open the doors to having a more pleasant experience online.


What server’s do you offer?

We currently use Teamspeak 3 and have plans to add Mumble support soon as well. Due to the restrictive nature of Ventrilo licensing we will not be extending support to this platform.


Is it really free?

YES! It’s really free (as in beer) for you the user!


We run on dedicated hardware using visualization software otherwise known as a VPS. Wulfy (me) is a sys admin with many years of server support and as such has access to a range of hardware in both the US and UK and absorbs the costs of the hosting. We then utilise the NPL license’s of Teamspeak to provide the free TS3 part of our services. Mumble is a free and open source and has no license requirements that would incur Free TS any fee’s. The website is powered by free and open source software so our operating costs are extremely low!


Do you sell my information?

NO! Really simple this service is provided for the benefit of gamer’s your data is secured by SSL (heartbleed secured) and encrypted. NO information is given to any 3rd party unless a warrant is served by the correct agency’s.




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